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Trained photographer located in Victoria BC also doing post production one of a kind art.  What better wedding gift or “just because” present for a significant other or dear friend than a unique art piece.   Whether you pose in a photo shoot or simply provide a photograph to work from you will end up with a one of a kind piece of art to cherish.   All budget levels can be met from an 8×10 paper piece for around $25   to very large elegant canvas pieces to be a centerpiece of your home artwork.    It all depends on the complexity of detail and size, but I can give you an exact price before beginning.  Check below for various services as well as contact info.


Contact Jeff @250-857-5635  or email to JS@JeffSim.net


  • Photo shoot and art to follow.  – Everything from wedding to boudoir pieces for a loved one this is a start to finish process encompassing every step from clicking the pics to handing over the finished brush textured piece of art ready to go on the wall.   Gallery


  • Transform an existing photo to art.  – Have a special photo you love from your wedding that you want to do something more with?  Maybe the perfect moment and pose was captured but is a little out of focus?  Perhaps a photo of a pet that captured that special quality?   Provide a hard copy or digital photo and it can be transformed and blown up into something special to treasure for years to come.


  • Photography  –  Although the uniqueness of this company, we certainly offer photography services for most events in Victoria BC and surrounding area.  Photography


Feel free to contact for a quote or meeting to discuss.

Contact Jeff @250-857-5635  or email to JS@JeffSim.net

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